There's a better solution to BC's childcare crisis. Support $10/day childcare!

BC has a childcare crisis

Families can't afford childcare

Paying for childcare in BC is like having a second mortgage. Often, it's not worth going back to work. There is a solution: a community plan to cap childcare fees and improve early childhood education. It's time to invest in our kids.

Support $10/day childcare!

Send an email to the Premier and Leader of the Official Opposition supporting the $10/day childcare plan!

Say YES to $10/day childcare in BC

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We need the $10/day childcare plan because…

  • Childcare costs $9000/year for a 2-year old; In Vancouver, it's $14,000
  • In BC, there is only one licensed childcare space for every five children
  • BC mothers have lowest labour participation rate in Canada
  • Young BC families are squeezed: both housing & childcare are unaffordable
  • $10/day childcare is key to ending childhood poverty in BC – the second worst in Canada

The $10/day childcare plan will…

  • Cap childcare fees at $10 a day & free for families making under $40,000/year
  • Create more childcare spaces
  • Develop a high quality early childhood education system
  • Give boards of education the mandate to fund, develop and govern early care & learning in BC
  • Improve wages and training for Early Childhood Educators – they are licensed teachers, not babysitters

Say yes to childcare

Support the plan for $10/day childcare in BC.

Kids' early years are fundamental. Let's invest in pre-school like we do K-12. The $10/day plan is supported by municipalities, business groups, boards of education, labour unions and others.

Find out about the Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning at
Fact sheets about the $10/day plan at